Social Spaces


Take it easy.

Whatever relaxing means to you – Netflix on the couch, drinking alfresco in the garden, or entertaining with a late arvo BBQ, Spinners has you.

With 25 years experience as Perth’s most chilled hostel, we’ve had some time to design the perfect zone for you.


Here’s what guests are saying about the all new Spinners.


“It is absolutely gorgeous, everything is brand new.. the kitchen is so clean and has amazing storage for everyone, the beds are like memory foam SO COMFORTABLE, the bathrooms are brand new and spacious, the lounge area has Netflix all films big huge comfy couch it’s honestly amazing for the price!

The owner Joel is the nicest, friendliest guy ever and comes and says bye whenever he leaves his shift he’s lovely which just creates good vibes ! You must stay here I didn’t want to leave :(“

Female, England



“Hardly ever write reviews. One of the best hostels in Perth though by a country mile. Not too big or too small, very modern, nice vibe. Staff are friendly. Nice beds. Kitchen is decent... bbq outside... you get the picture.”

Male, England